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Dystopia is now available to buy for the princely sum of 5 green dollars - enjoy!

The single Strangelove is also available for $1.

I'd also like to say thanks to all those kind folks out there who propelled the new version of Dystopia and Prologue up the heart chart very quickly indeed!

Don't forget about the debut show on the 30th August if you're based in the UK - I've fixed the location thing so if you click on it, it will now point you to the right location (Stoneleigh Methodist Church).

Once again, thanks for all the hearts!

posted 76 months ago
The new version of Dystopia is now up! It's radically different from the old version, with a much fuller sequence and bassline. I've removed the old one now, as this new version is the final one that will be on the album.

Now that all the tracks are uploaded, I'm happy to say that Dystopia will be available to buy very shortly.


PS. Don't forget to listen to the other track I uploaded today, Prologue (Dream Sequence)!
posted 76 months ago
Finally! I've got round to uploading the rest of the Dystopia album. Prologue (Dream Sequence) is the first track - it sounds best when you play Terra Nova immediately afterward (I've reuploaded Terra Nova to segue smoothly from Prologue).


PS. Keep checking back - soon I'll be uploading the brand new heavily updated version of Dystopia that will feature on the final album.
posted 76 months ago
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Like my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/VieonMusic

I'm a solo electronica artist from just south of London, UK. I'm 20, am at Plymouth University for half the year, and have had a passion for electronic music for practically the whole of my life. I've been greatly inspired by artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield. I also really have a thing for atmospheric music (try the soundtrack from the game DEFCON to see what I'm on about) and I try to translate that into my music.

I also have a friend who goes by the name Agaeki when he's not being called Nick who I run the tracks past first, to try and get some initial feedback.


Korg microKorg
Casio WK-3700 with custom sounds
M-Audio KeyRig 49 MIDI controller
FruityLoops Studio 8
Arturia Minimoog V
Arturia ARP2600
Arturia Moog Modular V
Magnus Choir
M-Audio KeyRig VST
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