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Another Cynthia

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From Willamette Week's MFNW Handbook, 2008:

Another Cynthia[Guitar Heros]

This six-member, all-male brunette Bridgetown band looks and sounds like totally classic indie-garage-dance rock. I'll unpack: Fresh-faced and occasionally outfitted in Beatles-esque suits and skinny ties, Another Cynthia creates a happy hybrid of super catchy electropop melodies, cheeky choruses and punchy pop bass lines to remember-it's the kind of thing that usually catches on big.

From www.portlandmercury.com

(Hawthorne Theatre, 1507 SE 39th)
Wow, Another Cynthia, I totally didn't expect to love you when I first saw your name on this bill. There's just something about your band name that screams "screamo." But you are, like, soooo not screamo. With sample drum noise and live beats backing up new wavy keys and a ton of vocals swirling around each other, you're super awesome in a dark new wave kind of way. It's the same kind of thing that made me drool retardedly over the second Faint record, only you guys have waaay better vocals, and not so '80s-ish arrangements. I'm totally going to be at your Hawthorne Theatre show. Can't wait to buy a copy of your self-title... (+) expand