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Ok Lullaby seems to be fixed now. Please check it out again. Thanks.
posted 58 months ago
It seems that Lullaby is having some buggy issues and keeps cutting off after about 50 seconds. Apologies for that. I've sent an email to T61 to get help.
posted 58 months ago
About to release Tarantulae08; here's the back story: Tarantulae was originally done over a weekend in 1996, and then redone for our album, World Wide Eclecticae, released in 1997. The track was an epic melodic d-n-b song in three movements (I know, I know, totally pretentious!). When I released my Wallpaper record in 2008, Tarantulae was a great fit, but it needed updating. So I layered the original recording with synths and additional drums. Check it out at 10am Central time today.
posted 58 months ago
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Check out more songs at http://music.nebulae.com and http://uvumi.com/nebulae, and check out http://nebulae.com

Nebulae is an electronic and alternative rock music artist. Nebulae also remixes music and provides production and mastering services for a wide variety of bands, collaborating over the Internet. Nebulae started as a band in the early 90s. Previous members included Abid Hussain and Takeshi Kurt Eto. Currently, Nebulae consists only of Hussain, who produces and releases music from Dallas, Texas.

In 1992, on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, PhD student Takeshi Kurt Eto and pre-law undergraduate Abid Hussain had a vision of combining diverse musical backgrounds and formed the band Nebulae in order to make music that defied genre classification. Over the next 10 years, Nebulae wrote, recorded and produced seven albums, and remixed several tracks for artists from around the globe. The band’s mantra was simply “to create music that was completely nebulous”. This philosophy empowered their creativity enabling Nebulae to meld diverse musical s... (+) expand
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