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Nicolay & Kay

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posted 84 months ago
TIME:LINE began as a series of intercontinental and cross country challenges. From his native Holland and then his new home of North Carolina, Nicolay would launch tracks to Kay at his home base of Houston. Nicolay wanted to see how far he could push Kay before he cried uncle and was unable to lay down a verse on the music that Nicolay was sending him. Kay never blinked. With each successive track, Nicolay was changing the feel, tempos, and pushing the boundaries of the hip-hop genre itself. Kay would push back at Nicolay, laying down verses with different cadences, styles, and themes ranging from the abstract to the ultra-personal. The resulting album is one of the most captivating hip-hop concept albums of the last ten years. Over the course of twelve tracks, Nicolay & Kay present their case for what the future of hip-hop sounds like.

Nicolay is best known as the producing half of The Foreign Exchange (the other half being Phonte Coleman of Little Brother), whose debut album Connected (BBE Records, 2004) made a huge impact on the underground hip-hop and soul scene. The Foreign Exchange was featured on MTV, VH1, BET and NPR, and Connected quickly reached #1 on CMJ's Hip-Hop ... (+) expand
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