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Everyday Prophets

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Check out our album teaser video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw5Ub5OBQFI
posted 71 months ago
Everyday Prophets is reggaetronic rock. Take a reggae foundation and twist it with modern breakbeat, dancehall, and rock and out comes a fresh sound for a new time. Their sound is defined by conscious lyrics, soaring guitar, electronic keyboard hooks and bass-heavy song-based rhythms.

Based in Portland Oregon, Everyday Prophets is a five-piece band that has provided conscious dance music to the Northwest since 2002. With two studio albums and one live double-disc release, the Prophets draw from nearly eighty original songs for live performances. "Flinch" and "Lazerbeam" are two singles from the latest full-length release, both of which have gotten local and national radio play, ranging from east coast roots reggae radio shows to west coast alt-rock stations, attesting to the diversity of their sound. The Prophets have played festivals and clubs across the country, from Nectar's in Vermont to the Nectar Lounge in Seattle.